“Weeds can be defined as an unwanted plant growing with the main crop or growing at the unwanted place and plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”


Plant which grow in agricultural lands, bare lands without any importance or economical value can be called as weeds. As they have rapid growth rate it is difficult to control them when ever we want to do. So most of these plants may not be useful to human beings. But there are some , that have got a medical value are fit to be eaten, because they act as a hindrance to agriculture most of the farmers have to spend grate amount of money and manual labor for controlling it. In some forms where cultivation is done by large scales weed killers are sprayed on for prevention where as hand weeding is practicing in small farms.


  1. Grow under adverse conditions.
  2. Under adverse conditions set fruits.
  3. Seeds remain dormant and viable over a long time.
  4. Grow fast and establish for a long period.
  5. Become viable before maturity.
  6. Seeds production is prolific under favorable condition
  7. No Special environmental conditions are required.
  8. Tolerance to viable variable in environmental and physical conditions.
  9. Adaption to effective dispersal conditions.
  10. Ability for vegetative propagation & regeneration.
  11. They are self pollinated.
  12. Strong Competitive ability.
  13. Different type of crop.
  14. Life cycle more or less or similar to plant of the crop shorter than crop.
  15. It’s very difficult to separate weedicides from crop seeds, so that reduce the harvest quality.


There are four types of damages generally attributed to weeds and some others.

  1. First and most important thing is weed plants compete with crop plants for water, mineral, nutrients & light thereby causing yield to be reduced many common weeds grow rapidly in the spring before crop plant start active growth.
  2. Weeds & there seeds contaminate crop & they product the quality of vegetables decreased presence of It & reduced their market value & causes Spoilage in storage.
  3. Some of they are poisonous to livestock beside directly indirectly causing damages to plants and livestock. They are a nuisance the consuming water.
  4. Reduction in land value. They could make the land unsuitable for cultivation.
  5. It reduce human efficiency.
  6. It’s cause deficiency in harvesting.


  1. Prevent the Soil erosion.
  2. Can be Used as organic manure.
  3. Preserve of nutrients.
  4. Use as a mulch material.
  5. Use as a mulch material.
  6. Use as an indicator plant.
  7. Utilize as fence plant
  8. Weeds have medicine value.
  9. Contribute food for animal.
  10. Supply pollen for bees
  11. Use as packing materials.
  12. Use for paper industry.
  13. Use have ornamental value.
  14. Cleaning the environment.